About Me

I, Brian Koprowski, am an avid Star Wars fan who loves asparagus and whiskey. My adventure began when I started using my cell phone (iphone 3 at the time) to take photographs of my car. My phone wasn't quite cutting it after some time, so I bought my first DSLR camera: a Pentax K-X. 

Somewhere along the way I found my passion in cityscape and landscape photography which has me doing quite a bit of traveling since Illinois lacks in majestic landscapes. Since my first camera, I moved on and purchased a Nikon D610 and a Sony A6000 and I continue to improve on my creative processing skills.

My ultimate goal with photography and traveling is to visit every United States National Park and take one quality photo and ultimately write a book about each park and my experiences. That's my retirement plan anyways. 

*I do sell and license my images. I use Stocksy as my base for licensing most of my stock work, but If you are looking to license one of my images that you have seen on here or any social media platform outside of Stocksy feel free to contact me directly. 

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