2016 Memories & Sentiments

My year behind the lens took a back seat to the birth of my first child, Presley Quinn. If anything my time behind the lens wasn't reduced, but rather altered from skylines and landscapes to the cutest of all baby faces. Which; has been a learning experience in it's own right. A lot of people really disliked 2016, but I think it was the best year of my life. My wife and I bought a home, we had our first child, and we still managed to travel a little bit. It's true we lost a lot of celebrities last year, but they live on forever in their art. As a photographer I capture fleeting moments in time hoping that one day in the future my daughter can look back on these moments and either remember the times we had together or wonder what her parents lives were like before she had come into the picture. That's a photography pun. You're welcome. 

Happy New Year! 

May the Force be with you!

April - South Dakota

May - Wyoming

Bad God's Tower

November - Florida

Presley Quinn

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