2015 memories and sentiments

Published on: 12/30/15

Where does the time go? Another year, another hard drive spent. At least that’s the way it seems in my world. As a photographer I feel I have become more patient behind the viewfinder. Researching, observing, returning, waiting, and then shooting. I spent more time behind the computer trying to understand how to better my post production than I have in past years. Self criticism was at an all time high. I feel that I demand more from myself in terms of criticizing my own work than I do from comparing my images to other photographers images. 

I did quite a bit of traveling this past year. I managed to fly over 18,000 miles, and that doesn't count all the road miles we put in either. We made our way to Florida, Arizona, Dominican Republic, and Italy thru the air and we drove to Kansas, St. Louis, and Grand Rapids, Michigan for some time away as well. I feel 2016 will be a lot more lax on the traveling front, but a lot more busy on the life being crazy front. If that makes any sense at all. I hope you enjoyed my images from this past year! 

Florida (Disney & Treasure Island) April

We went to Disney World for my main dude Jacob's fifth birthday. He's my wife's godson for those wondering. We also took my 25 year old brother as well because he needed a vacation, and because he wanted to break his flying virginity with someone who would make fun of him if he decided to be a pussy about it. After two days in Disney I rented a car and drove down to the Gulf for some fun in the sun. 

Untitled photo

St. Louis & Kansas, May

During a short weekend trip we made our way west towards Wichita, Kansas to pick up the new family dog, Kali Blue. We made base in St. Louis, Missouri during our trip so naturally I had to take a few quick snaps of the city. The park that accompanies the Arch, the gateway to the west, was under construction back in May so I settled for the view below. I also found one of my new favorite beers in St. Louis' Urban Chestnut's Schnickelfritz Bavarian Weissbier.  

St. Louis Kiener Plaza - Panoramic

Dominican Republic, June

My wife and I wanted to celebrate our 5th year of marriage in the Caribbean since we went to Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean for our Honeymoon. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana on Bavaro Beach. While it was well maintained and beautiful on the grounds, it was certainly no Turks and Caicos. We still had a great time hanging out with my wife's aunt and her boyfriend during our all inclusive stay. 

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Italy (Florence & Venice) September

During our visit in September of 2014 we drove right past Florence on our way to the Tuscan countryside. Ever since that day Florence has haunted me. So, like a true crazy person I booked Italy on a whim. We had a great time visiting Florence and Venice, and I highly recommend making your way to Florence. Venice should just be a no-brainer. 

Untitled photo

Michigan (Grand Rapids, Lake Michigan) October

If you're from Chicago and you're looking for a quick getaway I suggest Grand Rapids, Michigan. Shit, I suggest any place in Michigan really. We spent the night and the next day going from Brewery to brewery with stops at Founders, Grand Rapids Brewing Co., and we made our way out to Vander Mill and New Holland Brewing. We also made a stop out to Grand Haven's red lighthouse. Easily one of my favorite trips of the year!

Untitled photo

Arizona (Grand Canyon, Page, Sedona) December

Thanks to a deal on Southwest.com I managed to book a trip to Arizona for a long weekend. We covered a lot of ground, and I got some of the best photos I took in 2015 in just one long weekend. If you haven't visited Arizona you should put it on your short list. It's scenic as fuck. 

|| Arizona Sunrise ||

Happy New Year, Friends!

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  • My Wife and I visit the Grand Canyon's Desert View Watchtower in December 2015.

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