I'm a year late posting this one. 

This was the first National Park I didn't research beforehand. In other words I went into Acadia without any knowledge of the park in terms of photography locations. The night before my first day there I briefly searched Instagram to find some hot spots, but that's nothing compared to my months long research I would have normally done. I kind of wanted to experience the park without being dulled into someone else's experiences or with high expectations.

I set up shop in Bar Harbor on Mt. Desert Island. We stayed on the edge of Acadia National Park at a place called Acadia Inn. Bar Harbor is a beautiful little coastal town on the north end of the island. I compared it to Gatlinburg on the coast without all the touristy bullshit Gatlinburg has succumbed to in the past decade. Bar Harbor is shopping, dining, and boat tours. It's scenic. It's pleasant. It's downright beautiful in late August. I feel that we lucked out because it was still plenty warm, and less crowded than normal Summer months. All the kids went back to school. Praise the Sun!

My first venture into the park was early as fuck. They say that if you go up to Cadillac Mountain in Acadia you will be one of the first Americans to see the Sun that day, but I skipped Cadillac Mountain for early rises and went to Boulder Beach instead. I had the beach to myself for the most part. Mosquitoes and Sea Otters were up scavenging for food, or my blood. The occasional early bird would venture out to watch me from a distance and then wander off. It was nice, but fuck mosquitoes. 

Should you visit? Hell yeah. Delicious food, great scenery, awesome hiking, and whale watching! 

Boulder Beach
Maine Nights
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Jordan Pond

The Other Images

(B-Roll images and family moments)

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