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Out of Hibernation; Back to the Classics

February 11th, 2016

Last weekend I made my way out of hibernation and shot around the Chicago River with a friend. I know, shot around Chicago needs to be clarified; I took photographs along the Chicago River and was accompanied by a fellow friend and photographer. Let's make that transparent. Feeling fresh from my winter photo nap I hit up my buddy Jason Steen and got to snapping.

I wanted to dust off my gear with this trip, and get my mind back into the viewfinder. The last time I had shot was in early December back in Arizona. I went into the walk thinking I wasn't going to get anything worthwhile because the clouds disappeared. The clouds seem to disappear every time I go downtown. No surprise there.

I felt my attitude change after Steen let me use his wicked sick Nikkor 14-24mm wide angle lens along the river. It's refreshing to use new glass and see something from a slightly different view. I have to say that the 14-24mm was crisp, but I think I prefer my 16-35mm. But, it's probably just because I'm used to it, and because I don't want to want another lens. Thank you Jason!

Overall, I felt like I grabbed a bunch of decent shots and a few fine art type shots. If anything, I found myself shooting for stock photos instead of my normal fine art type of image. If that makes sense. Basically, I was looking for generic imagery that would sell to a marketing standpoint instead of trying to capture mantle pieces. It may sound stupid, but it’s hard to veer far from what you’re used to capturing. See below for the images.

Also, in other non-photo-related news the Chicago River really looks revamped from the last time I had been there. It’s still a project under construction, but I really like the direction they’re taking with this undertaking. Also, I didn’t see any cat-sized rats while strolling the riverfront so that’s a plus! They must have a mongoose or some shit down there taking care of those behemoths.

Afterwards, we grabbed some BBQ at Smoke Daddy's and had a drink. If you like smoked meats this place was gold.

Check out Jason’s work here at: JasonSteenPhoto

  • Hotel Art

    Classic Hotel Art inspired by VSCO filters

  • Warp Speed

    Under the Dearborn Street bridge; VSCO Filter

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