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Our first real day in Florence was much better. We woke up fairly late though. I'm pretty sure we didn't leave our place until 2 in the afternoon. We needed to catch up on sleep, and with the jet lag we had a hard time sleeping through the night. I, of course, woke up around sunrise to stick my camera out the window to capture blue hour on the Duomo. 

If you have access to Wi-Fi while traveling use it to your advantage! Fuck! We planned on doing some sight seeing during the day. Our first stop was Michelangelo's Statue of David at the Accademia. We did not Google anything before we left. I'm actually surprised we knew the David was in Florence. We hoof it back to the train station (about a 10 minute walk) and then get a cab to drive us 5 minutes to as close to the Accademia as possible ($10 Euro Cab Ride.) The line wrapped around the building almost to the next street over... As it turns out the Accademia was a block and a half down the street from our AirBnB. Motherfucker. Shit. Whatever. We wait in line for no less than 20 minutes and as fate would have it admission was free! First Sunday of the Month is Free! Awesome. 

I think the best thing I encountered in the museum wasn't the Statue of David, but the journals of Marco Polo and the original Dante's Inferno. You can't take photos of either of those items, but I was truly excited to see the journals since Marco Polo (whether true or not) is an inspiration for many to venture into the unknown. 

I do not care what my wife wants to see during the day. If she wants to see a museum; fine. If she wants to browse through endless stores and boutiques; fine. At sunset though; it's my turn to make the calls. On this particular evening we set out for the Ponte Vecchio. In Italian I believe it translates over to "Old Bridge." There are countless tales and stories about the Ponte Vecchio that may or may not be true. One of them is that Hitler spared this bridge during the second World War. Another tale is that modern bankruptcy began on the bridge which I could actually somewhat believe since modern day banking was founded upon the Medici family from Florence. 

We got there an hour before sunset to scope out the area and to set up. We ended up on some bridge called the Santa Trinita just west of the Ponte Vecchio. The view looking west at the Ponte Vecchio was crowded with vendors and selfie-stick looking motherfuckers. It also had two or three flag poles that jutted out from below that bugged me. I also knew that the setting sun would light up the Ponte Vecchio with an "alpen-glow" type of feeling and looking towards the sun would have left the Ponte Vecchio dark. 

2 Stitch Horizontal, f/8, ISO 50, 24mm Nikkor Tilt-Shift

The Orange Old Bridge

Below: 3 Vertical Images Stitched in Photoshop || Nikon D610 w/ Nikkor 50mm || f/8, ISO 50, 8 Second Exposures

The sunset we experienced while sitting on the River Arno was one of the best sunsets I had seen while traveling and the best sunset I had seen all Summer. Facing West towards the Ponte alla Carraia. I wanted to shoot the Vecchio facing into the sunset, but for whatever reason I got caught up in the moment and enjoyed the colors from where I was already standing. I wanted to provide a timelapse from this bridge with my GoPro Hero 4, but apparently I never charged the batteries and furthermore I brought the wrong charging cable with me. All lessons learned for future endeavors. Like, hopefully Iceland next September. Finally. 

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