Florence: Day 1 - BrianKoprowski

I’m not the go-to travel wizard by any means, but if you’re asking for my advice on the commute from the States to Italy I have some information you can hopefully put to use some day in the future. It’s a hike. We all know this to be true. We flew with Aer Lingus out of O’Hare (Chicago) to Dublin, Ireland. It’s a 7 hour flight from Chicago to Dublin.

I have to say that Aer Lingus is an amazing airline that offers movies, television, food & drink… I watched Fast 7, Run All Night, Avengers 2 Age of Ultron, and Get Hard. At the time those movies weren't available for purchase yet so that's an awesome perk. Once you arrive in Ireland the flight from Ireland to Italy is another 2 hours. Jet lag is real and you will feel the repercussions of traveling across the Atlantic. Prepare yourselves for the 1st day of recovery. 

Our first trip we didn’t think anything through in terms of how tired we would be after a long day of flights. I highly suggest flying to your first destination and staying there for a few days. Plan for your first day/night to be your so called detox day. Rest is important. I feel like I walk a lot more when I’m in Italy than when I’m stateside. I also purchased two noise cancelling headphones for our trip because the plane is loud. These headphones definitely proved their value as I will not fly without them from here on out. I bought the SMS Audio Active Noise Cancelling headphones even though I wanted Star Wars headphones they currently have on stock. 

So, did I follow my own advice. Of course not. We flew from O’Hare to Dublin. We flew from Dublin to Venice. We took a cab from Marco Polo Airport to downtown Venice. We took a train from Venice to Florence. And then finally a cab from the Florence Train Station to our AirBnB. We were exhausted. Our timing was all off, and we fell asleep for a few hours once we arrived at our place. The next day wasn’t so bad, but we did take a nap to help us recover a bit more. A week overseas just doesn’t cut it. That much money spent on travel… should have planned two weeks.

Above: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera photos. Edited in Lightroom.

Below: 3 Horizontal Images Stitched in Photoshop, Nikkor 24mm Tilt-Shift, Nikon D610 || f/8, ISO 50, 30 Second Exposures

Anyway, the first day in Florence was a bust. Our AirBnB rental property was phenomenal though. If you ever stay in Florence I highly recommend the same place we stayed at so be sure to hit me up for the details. I made sure to capture our view from the AirBnB on our first night since I was really tired and I only had to point the camera out the door or window. Our place was right in the city center, half a block away from the Duomo (as you can see) so we walked out the first night and just had some dinner and swung back to our pad for the evening. I shouldn’t say bust because our pad for the next 3 days was really something out of a movie.

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