Mammatus Clouds Tho

Last night I was coming home from some grocery shopping and I noticed that the clouds out west were really big, bright, and dark at the same time. The clouds looked ominous. They looked menacing. I had thought on my way home that it would be really cool if I saw some mammatus clouds since I had seen some last year. I know, who says I think it would be really cool to themselves. Me. That's who. 

I get out of my car and grab a bag of groceries out of my car when I look east and see these huge bubbly clouds looming over me. I had a fan girl moment. I love these clouds. They're so rare to see. I took a few photos with my Samsung Note 4 before I ran into the house to grab my camera bag. 

I spent about an hour outside with my cousin Johnny shooting the clouds and shooting my car with the clouds. Shit, my grandpa even drove me down to a field to see the clouds from a different perspective. I spent so much time with these damn clouds that I missed a period of the Blackhawks playing. To me, it was worth it. I did watch the third period. They won. So, it was a good evening for me. 

Fuck yeah, Clouds! 

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