Old Smoky Mountains

I recently revisited a favorite destination of mine; southeastern Tennessee. More specifically the Gatlinburg area near the Smoky Mountains National Park. In previous threads I've mentioned that I have often visited the rolling mountains and deciduous forests of the Old Smokies, but this time I decided to bring a gang of family with me to show them the place that I love so dearly just as my father had shown us when I was younger.

I went with my trusty landscape lens; Nikkor 16-35mm and my 50mm prime and have to say that I'm yearning, yes yearning, for a telephoto lens to capture more detail from afar. I had been putting off new lenses for so long, but I'm starting to really have the quench for something with more reach. Also, and only because I told my wife I need something that can grab images of my daughter from a distance. So, that's the card I'm playing.

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