As you know I was invited back to be a presenter for the 2015 Out of Chicago Photography Conference. I had presented at last years 2014 event on HDR in Chicago. This year I spoke on Dynamic Processing (editing) and I tried my best to lead a photowalk as well. But, as you know Friday night in Chicago was wet. Nonetheless, I took a gang of photographers who were more than willing to get rained on out to the Shedd Aquarium. There are a few spots that have nice vantage points from the Shedd that I wanted to show them. My original plan was to make it over to Adler Planetarium and the Shedd Aquarium, but since the rain just kept on coming down I decided to call it quits and head back to the University Center. I was a bit bummed out about the weather on Friday evening, but the next two days were very nice out for the photowalks. 

I think my presentations went well. I had a few people tell me they really enjoyed my tips and tricks so that helped boost my confidence. Shit, I even had two rad dudes take me out for Whiskey. Thanks Gregory Belken and Jason Steen for the drinks! Let's get out and shoot soon. I think I might have taken the least amount of photos at the photo convention! In fact; I didn't take any photos on Saturday or Sunday.

Side note: A bird shit on me while we were taking a group photo with Chris Smith and Elia Locardi's photowalk, and after that I decided to just go home. I mean, the bird shit on my favorite Whiskey shirt. 

All in all, Chris Smith and his crew put together one hell of a convention/conference for photographers. He had over 30 presenters from all over the globe talking about photography. He had multiple vendors come out like Olympus, Canon, Tamron, Sigma, Panasonic, Fuji Film, Hunt's Photo & Video, Calumet Photographic, Midwest Camera repair, Bayphoto.com, and Red River Paper. There are also tons of workshops, photowalks, and presentations to enjoy. Check the Out of Chicago website for more courses, tours, and workshops throughout the year. 

I highly recommend attending this conference next year, which I only assume will be even larger and even more amazing. Thanks for having me Chris. 

The Out of Chicago 2016 conference is also slated to add new instructors for next year including Rick Sammon, Frederick Van Johnson, Jimmy McIntyre, Chris Orwig, and Cowrin Hiebert. 

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