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When we were discussing Rome on our first visit to Italy we almost decided to skip right on past it. I know, right? Who would go to Italy and not visit the ancient city of Rome? As semi-proficient travelers we know that Rome is essentially a haven for tourism. Except, in Rome's case the tourism is quite historic. We visited everything under the Sun in Rome for the most part: Castel Sant'Angleo, The Vatican, The Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain (was under construction), and the Spanish Steps. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few other places. We got robbed at the Spanish Steps by a gypsy peddler. I knew better too, but I had not eaten and I was a fool. 

I loved my visit to Rome for many reasons. As a kid we learned about the Great Roman Empire. In terms of historical importance there aren't many cities that trump Rome. Although we spent very little time learning anything while in Rome it was nice to put a face to the things we've read about so many times before. If you plan on renting a car while in Italy make sure you spend the extra guap on the GPS. The streets of Rome are confusing. I parked my shit in a garage and either hoofed it or used cabs. We stayed at the Relais Vatican View while in Rome. It was a stones throw-away from the walls of the Vatican and the room was one of the best rooms I've ever stayed in while on vacation. It even had it's own private staircase up to the roof. 

Castel Sant'Angelo

Tips & other random information:

Visit the Colosseum bright and early. Like be there at the butt crack of dawn early. Peddlers, Vans, and tourists alike own the area during the day and night. Blue hour at night is filled with people romancing the view. Peddlers were everywhere. Selfie Stick!?! Fuck your selfie stick! 

Use public transportation while in Rome. The taxis with numbers only! The other cabs will rip you off. Also, the cabs know how to get to and from areas better than you do. I was amazed at how quickly dude made it through the crowded narrow streets getting to Trevi Fountain. Although we were bummed the fountain was under construction we still got gelato. 

Do not talk to anyone trying to sell you roses at the Spanish Steps! Fuck. I gave a dude 5 euros like a complete moron and he took off without giving me change. He ran off to his buddies and laughed at us. It was belittling and if I had a shank I might have done him in. Probably not. 

Bring your wide angle lens. This city is filled with ancient ruins and cathedrals. When visiting the Vatican you will need a wide angle lens. I got some of my best shots from the inside the Vatican with my wide angle lens. My wife misheard me and she brought the telephoto zoom into the Vatican. It was useless. 

Pre-order your Vatican tour tickets. The line gets crazy. Fast passing it through all that bullshit is that shit I do like. 

Don't go into the Vatican with your badself thinking that you're going to photograph the Sistine Chapel. It's dimly lit, photography is prohibited, and guards are everywhere. 

All Around Rome

  • Mi Amor @ some ruins

The Vatican

All of the images above were taken within the 24 hours that we spent in Rome. We were in Rome from one afternoon to the next afternoon before taking off for Pisa and Cinque Terre. 


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